Sunday, June 27

End of Fat Smash Weigh In!

Day 1 Detox Weight 136.2
Day 9 Detox Weight 131.4
Total Weight Loss 4.8 lbs!

Day 9 - Last Day!

Another successful detox!  Tomorrow I'll weigh in and see what my lbs lost were on my 9 days.  Here's my day

Bfast – banana muffins

Lunch - Shirataki noodles with roasted garlic sauce and vegan parm

Snack – apple and peach!

Dinner – Chik’n in (1 T. oyster sauce, 2 T soy sauce, 1/2 tsp corn starch and 1/2 cup water) w/ bean sprouts over brown rice

Exercise - biked for 45 minutes

Day 8

So today I had an unexpected luncheon arrive in my email.  I'm not sure why, but people on diets think the world has come to an abrupt halt when a speed bump happens.  It REALLY isn't that bad folks, the key to diets is preparation!  Even though I didn't plan for a luncheon, I went there hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.  Because I expected the worst, I brought in my purse a snack bag ziplock of chik'n tenders and a peach for dessert.  Sure enough lunch was great and went perfectly.  They had meaty, carb loaded wraps with a side salad and sugary desserts.  I had a full plate of salad topped with chik'n tenders and a juicy peach for dessert, yum! 

Here's the rest of my day
Bfast – 4 egg whites with msf sausage

Snack - watermelon 

Lunch - salad w/Chik’n and a peach

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home, this is probably my fave meal on Fat Smash.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shirataki Noodles!! Their consistency is more like a ramen noodle than a pasta, but they seriously do the trick!  I open the bag, dump them in a colander and wash for about 2 minutes, literally!  They're in a solution that kind of smells like burnt tires.. Gross right?? Don't smell them, just dump and rinse!  Once rinsed, the bag recommends letting them dry, why? I'm putting them in a wet sauce!  I've never dried them, I always just add them to a pot of sauce (this is Barilla Roasted Garlic Sauce with Quorn Crumbles) and let simmer for about a half, serve with some vegan parm, delish!  The only place I've been able to find shirataki noodles is Whole Foods so I stock up since it isn't close.  They're only $1.50 a bag and ZERO points on weight watchers for the entire bag, if you haven't tried them yet, you really need to!
Dinner - Shirataki noodles with roasted garlic/ Quorn "meat" sauce and vegan parm

Snack – Strawberries

Day 7 Menu

Another so so day, no exercise this weekend (I guess these are my 2 of the 9 days I didn't exercise..)  Here's my menu

  Bfast – 3 banana muffins - I really do *heart* these, more than the banana cookies!!  If you're a banana cookie person, try these! 

Snack – watermelon

Lunch – fried brown rice w/broccoli and msf sausage 

Snack – greek yogurt w/cinnamon & French vanilla stevia

Dinner – Chik’n Parmesan w/ zucchini

Day 7 - Shopped and ready for a new week!

Sunday has always been my prep day.  I find getting my foods ready for the week helps me stay on track and focused.  First I grocery shop
Yogurt, veggies, milk, eggs,

more veggies

and fruit

and more fruit!

 then I prep...

slice apples, add cinnamon, bake at 300 covered with aluminum foil and you get a great rendition of apple butter.  Delish in greek yogurt! 

FRIED RICE - cook brown rice first as according to package, saute bean sprouts, mushrooms and broccoli in pam until cooked to your liking (some people like crispy sprouts or broccoli, some don't so make it how you like it).  Add morning star farms sausage cut into pieces and cook until hot.  Add rice then crack 2 egg whites over the rice and stir to cook.  I add a couple packets of soy sauce left over from the chinese restaurant and its done.  Makes a few meals and has great flavor!

Day 6 - Saturday

Weekends have always been my hardest no matter which diet I'm on.  I wake up late, stay up later and snack instead of eat meals.  Here is what today looked like

Bfast – 4 Egg whites and Coffee

Snack – Popcorn w/ hot sauce

Lunch – shephard’s pie

Snack – Wasabi Peas

Dinner – salad w/ romaine, red pepper, parm, chik’n tenders, bean sprouts and italian dressing

Snack – Roasted Soy Nuts

Saturday, June 19

Day 6 Weigh In

Well here's what not enough water and too much sodium late night gets you! 
Getting in plenty of water today even if it kills me!


Last day of the week, I was helping someone in another building today so instead of making an omelet, I had to pack breakfast and go. 

Breakfast was a Greek yogurt with vanilla stevia and cinnamon and also 2 egg whites.  That was all I had left in the carton, surprisingly it held up great in the microwave making sold style egg whites.  I added sea salt, not bad!

Lunch, a banana muffin and black bean soup. 
Another great ph 1 friendly recipe and so simple to make!
Drain 2 cans of black beans, adding 1 can of beans to boiling water (seasoned with cumin, taco seasoning, garlic powder and black pepper).  Cook for maybe 20 minutes, letting the water reduce some then mash or puree the beans in either a blender or with a hand blender (a boat motor as Emeril calls it). 

Once its pureed, add the second can, some frozen corn and a jar of salsa.  Mix to combine, re season to your liking and serve.  A couple extra protein options are add some Quorn crumbles or tenders or even some edamame, I added edamame and tenders. 

Afternoon snack was another banana muffin, every time i have one its a mental note, cook them at a lower temp so they're not as dry!

Dinner.. Shepherd's Pie!! 
Phase 1 recipes are so simple to make, because most recipes call for soy and tofu which is cooked already.  This is a simple to do just make sweet potatoes as you would mashed white potatoes (boil them in water, season with savory spices like pepper, thyme, garlic, onion powder, etc).  Add the Quorn crumbles to the casserole dish with spices and a few drops of water to let them steam, Add frozen corn niblets on top of it then top with the mashed sweet potatoes.  Add slits with a knife so the meat and corn can steam properly.

Cook at 350 for 35 minutes.  For a semi browned top, spray potatoes when there are 5 minutes left with PAM, turn to broil and watch carefully.  Here's the outcome...

Late night snack - yup, still on that kick!  Roasted soy nuts.  They're very good, but the ones I got are SUPER salted, I mean, I think they dumped a cup of sea salt in the container then added more.. The crunch helped, it was movie night, so it was a good alternative to buttered popcorn (we can have airpopped popcorn mind you, it can be salted, but no butter.. not sure its worth the effort if no butter is involved.. lol)

today's wrap up
water - Almost NONE! = (    I need to correct this ASAP!
exercise - a peaceful walk through the city, 30 minutes, not really any hills and it wasn't a speed walk but it was refreshing.  Summer is here and the smile from ear to ear my entire walk proved it!
mood - fantastic, its the weekend, time to relax and re coop from the week :)
food - I didn't cheat, felt my foods were great  but those 365 yogurt covered raisins have been calling my name all day!  If they keep it up, their time out will be in the trash barrel! lol

Banana Muffins!

So most people who have Fat Smashed before know the ever so famous "Banana Cookies"  this is something you can have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, on the go, infront of the tv, sitting in the library, at the movies, driving to or from work, or where ever else you would be!

Banana cookies are dense, filling and delicious.  They're a help when you need something sweet, when you need something on the go, or when you get the munchies and need something filling.  I found a recipe for "banana muffins" and figured I'd give them a shot.  Truthfully they weren't bad but other than adding some baking powder to make them rise, they're banana cookies on steriods.  Were they good? yes, Would I make them again? maybe as a substitute for banana cookies, but I like the dense moist taste in cookies more than the muffins..

So here we go, the recipe is easy, since we're not using sweeteners, you want to let the bananas get dark so they're sweet enough to make the muffins sweet.

I left the temp as it was when I cooked them first, but will cook next time at 350 and make changes to the time.  I felt they cooked so fast they dried out somewhat and were far from moist. 

Banana Oat Bran Muffins
2 1/4 cups oat bran - oat bran is ground oatmeal, you can do this in a food processor or buy oat bran/flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
1 cup mashed bananas
1/2 cup skim milk
2 egg whites
2 tablespoons oil - I used homemade no sugar added applesauce, Mott's also makes this, I just feel its healthier than oil, but you can use oil if you choose
1/2 cup raisins (Not in Phase 1 - can add in Phase 2)

Preheat the oven to 425. Spray your muffin cups with cooking spray.
Combine the dry ingredients in 1 bowl.
In another mix the banana, the milk, egg whites, and oil together until they are well combined.
Add the wet to the dry and mix until it is combined. (Then add the raisins for Phase 2 & above only and combine.)
Put them into the muffin tins.
Bake for 18-25 minutes or until golden.
Spray a little zero calorie butter spray on muffins, then eat.

Day 4

Ok so I got in the blog groove for a day or two then logged on today and realized I haven't posted day 4 or 5 yet.  I guess I give credit to bloggers more for being punctual than writing..  Typing out what I'm thinking or doing right now seems like an update to a facebook status or a tweet is kind of mindless, but actually taking the photos, putting it all together in a timely fashion.. I've yet to do.. Maybe during the CSA I will since its only a weekly update!

Anyway, day 4 - Thursday I was pretty much on course, I was able to get my walking in during the day which was a bonus and it was beautiful out so why not enjoy the weather and sun instead of on the treadmill infront of the boobtube..

here's my day
Breakfast - plain greek yogurt with ground cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla stevia and a banana.. Oh and a cup of coffee of course

Lunch - another killer salad!  Romaine lettuce, carrots, quorn chick'n tenders, egg whites, and santa fe dressing

Dinner - Chicken parm (with sauce and vegan cheese) again with brown rice and baby spinach.  I love LOVE loveee Quorn chick'n, if you haven't tried it yet, you really should! 

late night snack - banana muffin.  I never made these before (blog coming) so for the first time I did and came to the realization, they're really just banana cookies with baking powder in it which makes them turn into muffins!  they're not bad, but I would seriously recommend not cooking them at the temp stated.  They cooked so quick that after the fact they're dry as the sahara dessert.  Anyway, batch 2 will be cooked slower, which I'm sure will help! 

todays wrap up
water - not as great as past days, will step it up tho!
exercise - a beautiful up hilly (3 hills) walk for 30 minutes
mood - I want sweets and snacks..
food - no cheats, but I was seriously eyeing the 365 yogurt covered raisins in the fridge! 

Wednesday, June 16

Day 3 in the books!

It was an easy day today, Breakfast was another omelet (liquid egg whites, wishbone Santa Fe dressing, baby spinach and sun dried tomatoes)

I got my exercise in early today, a friend decided to walk with me at work we walked up a hill the size of Mt St. Helen!  Well, almost its probably an incline of 20 and one hell of a calf workout!  We circled after the hill, came back to start and did a hill half the size twice.  It was a great cardio workout day :)

Lunch was a salad, baby spinach, carrots, Quorn Chick'n tenders, vegan parmesan cheese topped with Wishbone Santa Fe dressing.. soooooooo good! 

Snack was a delish peach and dinner...

Chick'n, Corn, sweet potato chowder & French style green beans.  This was easy to make, cook the sweet potatoes and Quorn Chick'n in chicken broth, add frozen corn then drain out half the broth once the potatoes are cooked.  Add Simply Smart milk, heat and eat! 

update well midnight struck an hour early, time for a banana..

Today in a nutshell
Water - plenty of water, maybe 90 oz!
Exercise - Mt. St. Helen (aka Howe Street hill)
Mood - feelin great, didn't miss carbs today, maybe missed a little dessert, tomorrow I'll have to add more fruit!  Still need to work on the whole midnight snack thing, did it again tonight!
Food - T'was good, the chowder was tasty, mind you the next few days will be hazy, hot and humid. I guess I'll have to enjoy it in front of the air conditioner..

Wishbone Simply Santa Fe - Simplemente Bueno!

This is a product I found last time I was on FS, Its a somewhat thicker version of a salad dressing or a thinner version of a salsa, you decide either way its delicioso!

Its called Wishbone Bountifuls Simply Santa Fe Dressing

I've used it this week in the morning omelettes and on todays salad as a dressing. Its worth looking for at your grocery store. Its got a great tang to it, but not a lot of heat. Its also laced with chunks of veggies like tomato, corn, red pepper and onions. I found myself swirling extra pieces of Quorn Chik'n tenders around in the plate after I finished the salad! I <3 it!

Day 3 Weigh In

I know the book states weigh in at the beginning and end, but I don't have patience like that! :)

Day 1 weight 136.2

Day 3 weight 134.4

difference -1.8 lbs

Day 2 Menu

Today started off rather odd.. I wasn't hungry (maybe the midnight snack from Monday held me over) so I had a rather odd menu for most of the day..

My breakfast was suppose to be sweet potato salad and a greek yogurt (complex carbs and double protein), but I was stuffed from the sweet potato salad so the greek yogurt actually turned into lunch.

Sweet potato salad has great flavor, roast the sweet potatoes, toss them in a dressing you make with a little oil, lemon juice and a dash stevia just enough to sweeten it. The recipe calls for cranberries and toasted pecans, I skipped the dried cranberries because of the added sugar, but did add the toasted pecans. A dish worth making!
Since lunch was only a greek yogurt, sweetened with a touch of stevia and lots of ground cinnamon I was ready for a decent meal after my 30 minute work out!

Dinner was a feast! Recently Morning Star Farms came out with 1/4 lb grilled patties

So that was dinner and whats best with burgers?? Yup, you guessed it, FRIES! Are they FS Friendly? Why yes they are! Grab a potato, slice em like fries, spray with PAM spray, cook at 400, flipping after about 10 minutes and you've got this...

Of course salad had to make the cut! The burger was good, I'm still liking Quorn products more than MSF, but it was worth trying.

Snack was a handful of roasted soy nuts, they're good, they're full of protein and great for the crunch (add them to salads if you miss croutons, or krowtins if you live in Archie Bunker's world)

Late night again... I got the urge to snack (another thing FS and journals have made me realize I'm such a late night snacker..) I remembered buying red quinoa a while back and never tried it.. I figured why not right? If you're not familiar with quinoa its considered a "super food", even though it looks like a grain or rice, its actually a protein. Its very good when paired with something. I cooked it in chicken broth and tried it.. The white one honestly has no flavor so you can pair it sweet or savory. The red had more of an earthy tone to it. After the fact I found a recipe that sounds to die for. A breakfast using red quinoa. This is a must try in the near future - warm and nutty cinnamon quinoa definitely do-able on phase 1 with stevia substitution, I'd probably keep the nuts in just because I honestly feel even in phase 1, nuts are such a great protein, in moderation they would be ok!

Either way, I scooped out 1/4 cup for a snack and only had a few bites.. not sure if I was full or wishing it was sweet instead of savory, either way the few bites were good bites!

todays wrap up

water - tons of it

exercise - treadmill for 20, exercise bike for 10

mood - felt a little detoxish today, that happens when you stop eating simple carbs and junk, tomorrow will be a better day

food - no cheats, lets move to day 3!

Tuesday, June 15

~ A One Pot Wonda ~

I'm Not sure what it is, but sometimes I really get on a lemon kick!

Usually (pre fat smash days) I'd make a chicken piccata spin off with roasted chicken instead of fried and eat it with whole wheat pasta. Even though I can't eat fried/roasted chicken or even pasta for that matter, it doesn't mean I can't make another spin off of chicken piccata right?
This was all made in the same pot (hence the name), first I made the brown rice, instant tonight, just wasn't in the mood to wait (see why I mentioned buying both), I cooked the rice in chicken broth, instead of plain water. I added some Quorn Chik'n Tenders and chopped fresh baby spinach and the juice of a lemon (I love extra lemon flavor, if you don't as much, try starting with a half lemon and going from there). Cover again just long enough to get the spinach to wilt and there you go! I made this more for lunches at work as opposed to tonight's dinner, anytime you make it, you've got a great, filling dish. 
love in a bowl..

Fat Smash Day #1

You know day 1, when you're anxious at the start of a new diet, you're ready mentally (or at least you think you are) and then it starts! Day 1 for me was a breeze, I do my best (even when I'm not fat smashing) to plan my meals for the week on Sunday. I bring breakfast and lunch to work so I'm not sneaking out to some restaurant close to work, or stopping at a drive through on the way home because I'm fammished... I do this because it takes the added confusion/stress out of OMG its lunch time, I'm starving, what do I eat??

So my day went accordingly, mom's doing fat smash with me too (she did it once before and didn't mind it), her morning menu is normally different than mine, but we'll eat dinner together so that will be the same. She loves the fact that she can diet and not worry about food choices because I've taken the guess work out of it for her. Shes got a list of goods and bads on her fridge and at night, she knows she'll sit down to a delish meal!

My day started off with an egg white omelet, I have to say I was impressed! I have a friend who competes in body building competitions and makes omelets at work in the microwave all the time, I figured I'd give it a whirl and hope for the best!

I bought liquid egg whites for work, they're more shelf stable than eggs and easy to work with when you're not at home. I also added a couple grape tomatoes, a handful of chopped baby spinach, a tablespoon of salsa and a dash of salt and pepper (you can have up to 4 egg whites a day so have 1-4, whatever your hunger calls for.
My friend said to microwave it on high for 40 seconds or so, but I figured it would come out tough so I cooked it on low for 2 minutes, stopping and stirring after the first minute. After minute 2 it was still a little runny so I hit it for another minute after stirring again. PERFECT, now for the taste... mmm not bad, not bad at all and filling?? wow I was stuffed till Lunch!

Lunch was a quick and simple salad, I used romaine lettuce with a carrot and 4 oz. of Quorn Chik'n tenders that taste, honestly (i'm not lyin), like chicken! topped with a sprinkle of vegan parmesan cheese and a squirt of Newman's Family Style Italian Dressing. For dessert I went with a cup of strawberries. Mom and Aunt went strawberry picking last week, they came home with the deepest garnet colored strawberries that were to DIE for!! They're in the cup behind the plate, they might not be as noticable since they're as dark as the wood on my desk.

Day snack consisted of soy nuts! A handful (1/4 cup) is about 130 calories and 11 grams of protein! Are you missing the crunchy snacks already? This is the snack for you!

Dinner.. WOW dinner was SUPER DELISH! I'm still thinking about it and can't wait to make it again!

Here's the all-star line up

Steamed zucchini on the end, steamed brown rice (center) and chicken parmesan, yup I said chicken parmesan on day 1!

Steamed zucchini and brown rice are cooked accordingly, they're easy to make and if you've yet to try brown rice, its such a great change from white rice. The texture is meaty and it doesn't make your blood sugar feel like its taken the latest ride at Universal Studios! Its available in regular cooking style or instant, I picked it up in both incase there are days I decide on rice last minute and want it cooked quick.

The chicken parm was a breeze even though it might not look it. I put 2 naked chik'n cutlets in a baking dish with Hunt's roasted garlic diced tomatoes (eliminating a little of the juice) and baked it according to the package, flipping half way through. Once it was cooked, I added shredded vegan mozzarella cheese and set it to broil for a minute or two to melt. YUM - OOO

Late night snack consisted of a greek yogurt (cinnamon added and a few drops of stevia) along with a juicy peach.

Exercise today:
  • About a half hour of serious cleaning at work, moving equipment, up and down stairs with items to be brought to other floors, etc..
  • 30 minutes on the treadmill with a 4 incline (ps- incline helps burn fat so if you've got an incline, use it)!

What's in YOUR Fridge??

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across this...
People taking photos of their fridge porn, posting it on the web and letting people comment away. I can't say I've participated in this fridge watcher nonsense, but for today's blog I will.
Here's my Fat Smash ready fridge!

Top Shelf
grape tomatoes
hummus (great snack with sliced cucumbers)
Middle Shelf - Strawberries, vegan cheese, more lettuce, apples, onions & yogurt

Bottom Shelf
greek yogurt
Quorn chik'n tenders & black bean soup
Enough Quorn and Morning Star Farms products to get me through the 9 day detox
(reddish brown bag) home made refried beans
(red bags) freshly picked strawberries (great in yogurt)

Bottom Freezer Tray
Vegan Gourmet Cheese (Cheddar and Jack), they melt just like real cheese, check it out!
Edamame - another delish snack! you can buy them in the shell, steam lightly salt and play a game of pop them out of the shell into your mouth or go the boring, lazy route and buy them shelled, heat and eat! I buy them both ways, they're great in salad and as a snack, oh and in soups (I even added a handful to the black bean soup). Great protein, it will help fill you up and they're good!

Day 1 Weigh In!

And so it begins! After losing a ton of weight, I vowed never to get above 130 again, yup 5 years later I sit here, typing at 136.2.. DAMMIT!

I've always been a preacher of never letting your weight get away from you, I was there; 138 lbs ahead of me, but I lost the weight and held at 126lbs for a long time. I used the "holidays are here" excuse then it was "its bbq season, theres too many parties to worry about weight now" excuse and the "when I get home from work, I'm too tired to exercise" excuse countless times!

Anytime I've talked about my weight loss, one of the things I always said is its so easy to put it back on, 2 lbs turns to 5, then 15 next thing you know you're 30lbs more than you should be. How it happens.. hmm.. more food, less exercise which means (more calories in + less calories out= GAIN).

No matter how you slice it, there is no science to a diet, it comes down to this

calories in / calories out, if you can do that, you're golden, you'll be on the way to weight loss in no time! Now mind you, this doesn't mean stop at Micky D's and kill a value meal then come home and walk up the stairs to your house, stairs to the second floor and get up for an occasional snack (which consists of walking down the flight and up again) as your exercise to burn off the value meal.

Exercise means exercise, raised heart rate, sweat, breathing is faster, you feel the work out and feel it even more the next day. If you didn't experience any of these feelings, its time to get your arse back on the treadmill and WORK IT! Fat Smash requires 30 minutes of exercise 7 out of the 9 days a week, you can't commit to 30 minutes of walking than stop the thought of Fat Smash and work on your book of excuses and how to get rid of em, plain and simple...

30 minutes of walking is less than most tv shows, more than most people read a book, or talk on the phone and damn sure less than a texting conversation which you can do while walking on the treadmill instead of sitting on the couch (ask me, I've become the text/treadmill pro)!

so whats your excuse today? none? then join in, fat smash it up, get your foods ready, check out the scale and figure out how much you want to lose and DO IT!

The Rules of the Game

Do this for 9 days – Only required exercise is 30 minutes, 7 out of the 9 days!!

All fruits in any quantity (Obviously in moderation) I stuck to small fruits or 1/2 cup at a time (grapes, grapefruit, watermelon, apple, pears)

All vegetables in any quantity Except white potatoes and avocados. Missing starch? have mashed or bake a small sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg!

Protein - beans, chickpeas, tofu, lentils, pigeon peas

I'm not a plain tofu eater, but I do like shirataki noodles and with tomato sauce (if you try them make sure you rinse them well before using & do yourself a favor.. don't smell them when you open the bag, just dump it in a colander and rinse).

Morning Star Farms makes some good tofu products (they're in the frozen section) like pizza burgers, cheddar burgers, bacon strips, sausage links or patties. They do taste like real meat and not at all like tofu. The sausage patties were good with egg whites, bacon good on a salad, "grillers prime" burger is great!

Quorn! - It's a new soy product and it's really, really REALLYYY good! I've had the chik'n, turk'y and beef, all are delish! The beef has that Burger King smoke taste to it!

Brown rice (2 cups of cooked rice per day)

You can also have "plain rice cakes" only 1 a day, but if you need that crunch, go for one! read the ingredients on the package it should be: brown rice, salt (maybe water), quaker regular cakes have ingredients listed like this.

Make 2 cups instant brown rice, adobo, little tomato sauce, packet of sazon (spanish spice) and 2 cans of pigeon peas. It makes a lot, reason for 2 cans pigeon peas is so I'd eat more peas than rice.

low fat, skim or soy milk (2 cups per day)

Oatmeal (1 cup per day)

6 oz. low fat yogurt (up to 2 per day)

egg whites (up to 4 per day)

I usually stuck to 2.. hard boiled on a salad, fried in pam spray served with morning star farms sausage or scrambled with veggies

herbal tea (up to 2 cups per day)

celestial seasonings makes some yummy herbal teas!

all herbs and spices

as much water as you like (atleast 64 oz)
personally I like staying between 75 and 90 depending on how my day is going.

foods not allowed:

white rice, meat, fish, cheese, bread (all types), raisins, nuts, dried or preserved fruits, candy, popcorn, chips, ice cream, alcohol, juice, soda (regular or diet), coffee and all coffee drinks, sports drinks, milkshakes, whole eggs or yolks, fried foods or fast foods.

Groceries, get ready, on your mark, get set… GO!!

Every time I've done Fat Smash, one of the first questions is, what can you eat?? They look at you like a possessed monster from out of space when you say, well it's kind of like a vegetarian diet for 9 days. Immediately their jaw drops, their eyes roll and they start backing away from you like you've just encountered contact with an alien and contacted some unknown case of meningitis. Anyway, for the open minded folks..

Here is a list of things I HAVE to get before starting Fat Smash

  • Eggs

  • Liquid Egg Whites

  • Simply Smart Fat Free Milk

  • Chobani Plain Non-fat Greek yogurt (blue label)

  • Trader Joe's Brown Rice

  • Trader Joe's Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats

  • Trader Joe's Quinoa

  • BEANS!! (Kidney, Black, Pinto, Pigeon Peas and Chick Peas)

  • Morning Star Farms Sausage Patties

  • Morning Star Farms Bacon

  • Quorn Chik'n Tenders

  • Quorn Naked Chik'n Cutlets

  • Quorn Meatless Meatballs

  • Quorn Turk'y Burgers

  • Quorn Beef Style Grounds

  • House Foods Shirataki Noodles (finding these can be difficult, I've always had luck buying them at Whole Foods, and they're cheap!)

  • Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar and Monterey Jack)

  • Hunt's Roasted Garlic Diced Tomatoes

  • FRUIT – Any and All (with the exception of avocados)

  • VEGGIES – STOCK UP, These are your friends, well, with the exception of white potatoes of course (damn you white potato!!)

  • Sweet Potatoes.. Yes I know it's a veggie and it belongs with the "VEGGIES" list 1 jump above this line, however sweet potatoes truly get their own recognition because they're:

    • A carbohydrate you can enjoy on this diet

    • Full of vitamins

    • A perfect accompaniment to meals

    • A food that can take on savory or sweet flavor

    • Delicious as fries when you need that crunch, or when you have the urge to cheat

Herbal tea is on the list, do I drink it? No.

I do drink a cup of coffee in the morning with simply smart fat free milk and a drop of 2 of stevia (sweetener from a plan that's been used for 20+ years in Japan), its calorie, fat, ____, _______ and __________ free. This is my vice! Coffee is needed in the morning, coffee is my friend and coffee saves lives of the people at work who want to entertain conversation first thing in the morning before a cup. I only have a cup a day therefore I feel (and co-workers rejoice) that a cup a day is A-OK!

Items to Avoid

  • white rice

  • meat, fish

  • cheese

  • bread (all types)

  • raisins

  • nuts

  • dried or preserved fruits

  • candy, popcorn

  • chips

  • ice cream

  • alcohol, juice, soda (regular or diet), coffee and all coffee drinks, sports drinks, milkshakes

  • whole eggs or yolks

  • fried foods

  • fast foods

So now you've got my list, most times I pick up everything at once so I'm not trekking to the store for 9 days, getting the urge to buy junk food that screams out from the shelves, but do as you wish and in amounts you need to work for you!

Good luck!


So I've always loved reading blogs, but really never thought about having my own. I'm starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in a few weeks and as a college project, I'm going to blog it.. Fat Smash will be my practice run!

At first I thought people professionally blog, or don't work and sit around and blog? Damn I need that job! But sitting here now, thinking what to type next is a whole different outlook. Could I do this full-time or even part-time for that matter?? Probably not so kudos to bloggers out there, you've got my respect.